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Jennifer K. Heinz created RK SMS after first being inspired by her grandmother to start her own business. Her grandmother, an entrepreneur and leader in the hospitality industry, paved the way for women in business in the 1950s and was one of the first women inducted into the Texas Business Hall of Fame. Observing first hand from a very young age that attitude is everything in the service industry, Jennifer learned by example that embracing a strong work ethic, can-do attitude, saying please and thank you, and always smiling will go a long way toward success.

She began her career in the nonprofit human services field, working toward charitable goals in women’s health at the Susan G. Komen Foundation. During her tenure, Heinz participated in numerous activities with 50+ satellite offices, focusing on compliance, data analysis, relationship building, and establishing clear channels of communication to ensure strong community partnerships of the organization and its affiliates. Drawing upon both her personal and professional history, Heinz applied her acumen and acquired knowledge to creating the RK SMS business model and its market presence all on her own. With its extensive capabilities of sourcing, consulting, and delivering solutions to critical-need events, RK SMS is consistently poised to respond to any emergency situation with all operations for private entities and government agencies.

Heinz originally founded RK SMS in her home office from a premise having identified a niche opportunity for complete operations solutions and professional, detail-oriented services, facilitated through a communicative, project management platform. Addressing a burgeoning number of requests for complex and custom management services, Heinz has been able to apply her expansive business network and logistical operations skills to provide the most appropriate and successful outcomes. Initially operating primarily in the emergency response industry, the company has now expanded to comprehensive contingency operations for multiple settings and business applications, with plans to further broaden services offerings and provide whatever it takes to exceed all expectations with every engagement.

RK Strategic Management Solutions (RK SMS) was established in 2016 by Jennifer Heinz. As founder and president of the woman-owned, small-business enterprise, Heinz has directed the company’s turnkey response that includes technologically advanced mobile kitchens, emergency management support, and contingency crisis services. RK SMS uniquely provides the collaborative expertise, assets, and trained personnel for deployments of any size requiring mass-volume, global culinary and hospitality services. Its rapid, full-service design is able to sustain and shelter communities in need at a moment’s notice by deploying from its vast inventory all of the necessary structures and customized mobile assets.

In accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standards, the RK SMS approach to our quality management system is based on the “Plan, Do, Check, Act” cycle (PDCA).

Designed to ensure the consistent superior delivery of services and the integrity of all equipment, structures, and facilities, our PDCA cycle has in place numerous quality control measures that are instituted throughout the term of each deployment.

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